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Annual EU healthcare index

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29 September 2009

The Euro Health Consumer Index 2009 groups 38 indicators of quality into six categories: Patient rights and information, e-Health, Waiting time for treatment, Outcomes, Range and reach of services provided and Pharmaceuticals. There are general improvement trends among most of the measured healthcare systems but there is continuous decline in the Spanish, Portuguese and Greek healthcare systems which do not keep up with the improvement rate one can find in countries like the Netherlands, Denmark or Ireland. “With patient mobility growing around Europe, there is a strong need for transparency exposing the pros and cons of the national healthcare systems. The EU intends to introduce a crossborder care scheme which requires significantly better information to patients. This years´ measurement indicates that forward-looking governments start using healthcare information and choice to engage patients in the decision-making, building a pressure from below for improvement”.



NetS@nté – Medias et Santé

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medias & santè

10 December 2009 Marseille, France
Le premier colloque “Médias et Santé” sera consacré au rapport croissant qu’entretiennent via Internet le patient, les associations, les laboratoires, les hôpitaux, les médias, mais également les médecins eux-mêmes avec l’univers de la santé. Ce rendez-vous cherchera à cerner les évolutions dans le domaine avec les plus grands spécialistes et à comprendre les enjeux que cette révolution numérique implique pour chaque citoyen. La manifestation sera ouverte aux médecins, pharmaciens, étudiants en santé, journalistes, laboratoires pharmaceutiques et administrations. Sept initiatives seront distinguées par les premiers ‘Trophées de la Santé’: Trophée de la recherche médicale, du meilleur site web de santé régional, de la coopération euroméditerranéenne, du reportage, des associations de santé, du public.

See also: Trophées de la Santé – Date limite de soumission: 04/11/2009

Symposium ‘Joining for Visions of Person Centred Health’

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21 October 2009 – 22 October 2009 Brussels, Belgium
The past decade has been the witness of significant changes in health care supported by Health ICT. Nowadays, eHealth symbolises the modernisation of healthcare in support of quality of care and patient safety, empowerment of patients, higher efficiency and increased health professional job satisfaction. This has been enabled by synergy between strategic plans, political commitments and technical developments. Through its 10th anniversary symposium EHTEL takes a look forward at the next steps of the eHealth evolution.

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